Is your brand really connecting with your audience?

What are you saying?

Who are you saying it to?

How are you saying it?

Is your brand powered by positive, emotional ideas that really engage with your customers?

If, one day, your company wasn't there anymore, would your customers care?

Who would they turn to instead? 

Tony Lythgoe empowers your brand to tell its story in an engaging and compelling way.
Bursting with confidence and self-belief, your brand begins to delight your audiences, connecting emotionally and inspiring them to enjoy the most amazing experiences every time they interact with you and one another.

They begin to see your brand as part of themselves as they grow to become your loyal, trusting and enduring customers.

Driven by Tony's intelligent analysis, creative presentation and fuelled with positive attitude, your brand starts to play a vital role in your customer's story.

It is the moment when your brand really begins to matter to your audience.

It is when you know your brand is truly connected to your customers.

Why Tony Lythgoe?

With over 25 years experience helping businesses reach out and really connect with their customers I can bring a wealth of design and branding expertise to your project. Pour in a generous amount of common sense, leave out the jargon, garnish with a refreshing down-to-earth approach and you have the perfect recipe for a brand consultant who will not only make you look good but will give you a brand that your customers trust, believe in and talk about.

He's a truly inspirational person to work with. It's his ability to combine the strategic overview with the perfect tactical creative - both visually and verbally - that sets him apart.

Michael Henderson - Chairman, HGA Creative


How is your brand right now?
Does it reach the right audience?
I ask the questions that reveal insights towards a better brand.


Let's get deep inside your brand! History, values, people, culture - the reasons why customers choose your brand.


I will tailor an experience of total delight for your customers at every place and time they connect with your brand.


Effective, memorable messages crafted to communicate your brand  through experiences, online and in print.

this is what I do

Sarah Graham
Tailormade Holidays

Sarah is an established Travel Counsellor with a wealth of experience in a wide variety of holiday and travel experiences. The differentiating factor in Sarah's brand is that she tailor-makes the perfect holiday for her clients based on their unique requirements, with the ultimate goal of creating valuable and enduring holiday memories.

Sarah Graham Tailormade Holidays

Sarah required a vision for her brand's look and feel, defining how it would connect and engage with her target audience. Equipped with a good understanding of marketing, Sarah had already developed a strategy which she felt was the right direction to follow but wanted to "sense-check" her plans for the brand.

I began by attempting to identify why her clients returned to Sarah again and again when arranging their holidays. It became clear very quickly that whilst Sarah had a tremendous amount of industry knowledge and experience, that was not the primary reason for their choice. The overwhelming factor that determined why Sarah was their "go-to" travel agent was the fact that Sarah really got to know her clients and understand them, discovering those tiny details that would make a huge difference to them. This desire to tailor-make the holiday stems from Sarah's passion for travel combined with her innate ability to forge a strong connection with her clients - quite simply, she is a "people person".

We agreed that this was the core value of Sarah's brand and we should place it front and centre in all our messages as we began to tell Sarah's story. We had a lot of fun with the visual aspects of the brand, developing a clean, minimal logo bursting with confidence and approachability, matched by the warm and friendly tone of voice of the written communications. Above all, the brand identity encapsulates the various aspects of Sarah's personality and it reflects an authentic representation of Sarah Graham Tailormade Holidays.

Tony has helped to define my brand in such an emotionally engaging way. His solution really connects with my extremely selective audience and communicates both my expertise and my personality at the same time - precisely the two factors that my clients have to respond to for me to be successful.

Sarah Graham - Tailormade Holidays

this is what I do

Holywell Care Group

Holywell Care Group is an organisation dedicated to delivering the very best health and social care solutions to clients throughout the North West. Driven by a desire to distance themselves from the "horror stories" of care services fed by the media, Holywell's brand objective was to communicate its values consistently through every single point of contact between staff, clients and partners.

Holywell Care Group

Holywell had been operating as a well respected provider of care at various locations throughout the North West of England but had realised that their lack of a cohesive brand and structure was holding them back in the perceptions of their target market. Despite a courageous attempt at addressing their brand issues by themselves, they quickly realised that they required more professional help and I was recommended.

I began the process by immersing myself in the culture of the organisation in order to seek out the true values that lie at the heart of the Holywell brand. Detailed consultation with all members of the Holywell team revealed a drive and passion for the care profession that manifested itself in every aspect of the service delivery. It became apparent that this "born to care" attitude was deep in the DNA of the organisation and was the essence of the Holywell brand. It was my job to harness that "magic spark" and help Holywell tell their story in ways that would communicate their values effectively and make them stand apart from the "also-ran" care companies who were crowding the market.

Working closely with Holywell, I proposed a new brand structure to rectify their problem of being "disjointed" from unplanned and reactive growth. With a new, formalised brand structure in place, Holywell had a sense of where it was "right now" and how it could proactively expand in the future. This created a platform for a brand strategy to communicate Holywell's values to its target market.

The real fun started when I proposed a new-style uniform to better reflect Holywell's unique place in the world. The vivid green of the new corporate identity was introduced to the uniforms to demonstrate Holywell's new found confidence in its brand, communicating a fresh, clean brand personality and to differentiate them from the competition. This striking colourway in combination with bold messages and a reassuring but caring tone of voice was rolled out in marketing collateral across various channels including print, online, advertising and experiential. Holywell continues to work closely with me as we continue to tell their brand story.

Tony has not only transformed our outward appearance but his instinctive understanding of what we were capable of as an organisation has transformed our internal structure.

Robert Connor - Director, Holywell Care Services

this is what I do

Gallaway Construction

Gallaway Construction, a well established construction company with a fantastic reputation for specialist water treatment facility projects, were keen to expand their offer to a wider market in other sectors of the construction industry. They just needed a little guidance to define what they were saying, to whom and how they were saying it.

Gallaway Construction

Gallaway Construction, whilst very successful as an established supplier of specialist construction solutions within a niche sector, were keen to expand their reach and capitalise on the full range of construction services they were able to offer to a much larger market.

They recognised that the current presentation of the their brand was seriously impeding their attempts to reach a wider audience so decided to commission me to undertake a brand development programme in order to help define who they were and who they were communicating with.

The outcomes included a new brand identity positioning Gallaway as a credible supplier amongst an established peer group. The positive shift in culture that also resulted from the process has increased confidence internally as much as with existing clients and business prospects.

The new brand has been rolled out in all marketing collateral including company brochure, case study documentation and a new website, all of which are being used effectively by Gallaway to expand their business in specific construction industry sectors. Since the launch of the new brand, Gallaway has significantly increased the size of its team, become established as a respected supplier to numerous targeted new clients and enjoys a full order book for the foreseeable future.

Tony was recommended to us as a good way to look at how we could present Gallaway in a better light, fix some of our image problems and find a way to expand our business into new sectors. We now have a brand we all really believe in and more importantly, one which our customers totally respect and have faith in.

Ian Preston - Director, Gallaway Construction

this is what I do


Formed from the amicable split from an existing family business, HullJady Chartered Accountants found themselves needing a new name, a new identity and a strategy to communicate a positive, enthusiastic brand message to its staff, its existing customers and the business community at large.

HullJady Chartered Accountants

I was commissioned by HullJady to help them evolve their new brand as the company emerged from an existing family business. The new brand needed to position HullJady as an energetic, technology-focused accountancy practice which would serve its customers in a much more proactive and collaborative way, whilst retaining the recognisable and established values of the family. The brand began to coalesce around the central theme of "together works better" - an uplifting, positive statement that defines the core values and accurately describes the relationships the brand exhibits both internally and externally.

My responsibilities for HullJady include: brand development and evolution, strategic brand and marketing support to the in-house marketing team, content marketing for PR, art direction, design and artwork for both online and offline advertising, events and promotions, in addition to ongoing communications planning and brand management.

Since the launch of the new brand, HullJady have developed a confidence and a total belief in their new culture. They openly broadcast their passion for their brand and inspire an infectious enthusiasm through every communication. The most impressive aspect of this has been when I have been approached by prospects who ask, "can you do for my company what you did for HullJady?"

Tony's strategy helped us find out exactly how we should take our image more seriously if we were to grow our business. All of us have been thrilled with the work Tony has done for our brand, which has meant we feel confident we are impressing our target clientele and beating the competition.

Clare Jady - Director, HullJady Chartered Accountants

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